This website is dedicated to Robin Hood Aviation, which was a popular Austrian airline offering lower cost services to working people.

Robin hood logo
Robin Hood logo

It ran from approximately 2007 to 2011. The first flight was in May of 2007 from Graz to Zurich on a Saab 340A. The Saab 340A is a twin propeller, 30 to 36 seat commuter airliner, which is available in passenger, VIP, and cargo models. For a while, Robin Hood Aviation fleet had routes going from Graz to Zurich, Graz to Stuttgart, Linz to Zurich, and Klagenfurt (Carinthia) to Zurich. Unfortunately, it went into receivership in March 2010 and by August 23, 2011 Robin Hood Aviation filed for insolvency and never flew again.


Robin Hood originated in Graz, Austria and its call sign was, fittingly, SHERWOOD. Some of their special offers included one-way fare for just 149 euros plus tax. Although the airline does not seem to have any crashes on record, the 340A Saab did not fare well with various international safety records.

The Saab 340A was said to have 14 hull-loss occurrences resulting in 48 fatalities with only 1 of those accidents happening during test pilot training. The craft required two pilots for flight. Continue reading


Robin Hood aviation’s fleet contained two Saab 340A type airplanes. They were designed to be fuel efficient, streamlined commuter craft. The outside of the planes was left white with the airline’s name in grey, a stylized R and H in red for contrast.

On the website, you could see that it had 13 windows located in the passenger area, possibly indicating a dozen rows of standard commuter seats, and capacity of around 40 passengers. Once inside the Robin Hood aircraft, the passenger would see a single column of seats to the right, and a double column of seats to the left.

Destinations and routes

Countries which Robin Hood Aviation served were Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Within the European Union, commuters might work in one country and live in another or travel for business to the surrounding countries. Having a more cost-effective way to get from one place to another was like taking the incredible amounts that larger airlines made from passengers and giving it back to the pockets of the passengers of Robin Hood Aviation – which was presumably the reason behind the air service. Read more about routes

Other airlines

In Austria, passengers didn’t have much choice in the airline they could use for commuter flight. There are two airlines, Austrian Airlines and Jetalliance. Their prices then and now would be more expensive for business travel and make commuting for work by airplane an improbable choice. Check other airlines in Austria. Author: Private jet to Rome