Robin Hood Aviation was a regional commuter and tourist airline for Austria. Its home base was in Graz, Austria and it flew from Graz to Linz, Austria, Linz to Zurich, Switzerland, Zurich to Linz, and Linz to Graz. These destinations are all within a short distance of one another in Europe and offered attractive weekend holidays or quick trips ‘home’ for those who moved around Europe due to job or education needs.

Graz, Austria

Located in the country of Austria, Graz has lots of interesting things to see and do. There is modern architecture mixed with houses and buildings going back to Medieval times. Lots of local sellers comes to the farmer’s markets to offer their wares, and Graz is known for good food and hospitality. This is because Graz has received the Austrian Capital of Delight award for restaurants, which use localized produce and has the largest amount of market days with its 800 farmers located around the city. Some things to take in are the Gourmet Travel Festival, culinary walking tours, the markets of course, tourist historic sites, and more.

There are many days of sunlight in Graz even though the weather may be cool but not cold in winter, and warm but not hot during summer. Like any mountainous area, late spring and early summer are the rainiest period in the Graz weather year.

Linz, Austria

Linz, located in the country of Austria, features beautiful museums and historic buildlings. There is lots to experience for local culture, and no shortage of landmarks to stop at. Spring and summer are mild, but Linz experiences the full range of all four seasons. The coldest months are December and January, and the wettest are June, July, and August. Golf, hiking, skiing and snow tours are available for tourists. River cruises, Segways for rent, and through-the-city by bus are popular activities. Factory and sightseeing tours are also a hit with those visiting the city for work or play.

Linz is home to three theatres for live performances, music, and plays. The Linzer Tiergartem is a well rated zoo offering lots of exotic and local animals to experience, over 600 in a 4 hectare area. For gamblers, Casino Linz is a jacket and tie only establishment offering blackjack, roulette, poker, and slot machines.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, located in the country of Switzerland, is known for its beauty and renowned mountain slopes for skiing and hiking. From Switzerland comes world-class chocolate, precision watches, and international shopping in Zurich downtown. When visiting Zurich, stroll around the lake or check out the more than 50 museums and 100 galleries. There is a fun and lively nightlife and lots of good food to savour. Tourists can see both water and mountains in the city views.

There is Old Town waiting to be explored and multiple walking tours, including a ghost walk tour, a sweet shop tour, and two of a more historical nature. Popular attractions in Zurich include two zoos, a bird aviary and Zoo Zurich. For a pampering session, there are no less than eighteen spas available, which offer thermal baths, massage, ayurvedic healing, and fitness machines.

Summers are hot and sunny; however, rain starts mid August until mid September, after which a mild autumn is a frequent occurrence. Spring can start as early as February, although weather can change back to rain or snow until May. Author: Private jet to Rome